Akrometrix stellt Geräte Planaritätsmessung von Leiterplatten, Substraten, Bauteilen und anderen Komponenten während eines Reflowzyklus her.

Sie können also ermitteln, ob eine Leiterplatte beim Reflow mal so richtig "abhängt" oder das BGA einen Katzenbuckel macht. Bringen Sie beide Datensätze in der Interface Analysis zusammen: Hier können Sie leicht sehen, wo es beim Löten zu Problemen kommt.

Durch die Technologien "TherMoiré" (Shattenmoire mit Temperaturkurve) oder Digital Fringe Projektion können Sie jede Anwendung abdecken. 
Erweitert wird das Programm mit "DIC - Digital Image Corporation" und anderen Modulen.

Sie können mit den Geräten in einem Temperaturbereich von -50 bis +300°C messen.

Company Overview

Akrometrix' mission is to lead the industry in non-contact surface measurement tools. Based on a culture of innovation and fairness, the company is dedicated to building its global presence by designing its operations and products from our customers' perspective. 

We will grow and expand our market leadership without sacrificing our core values of integrity, respect and fairness in all of our interactions. Whether an employee, a customer or a supplier, we strive to uphold these values to their highest levels.

  • Integrity - the belief that we must 'do what we say' and 'mean what we say' in all of our interactions with prospects, customers, vendors and our associates
  • Respect - the love of doing what excites us for those that can benefit from our technology, expertise, experience and innovation
  • Fairness - knowing that we will treat everyone from a perspective of equity regardless of the situation


Competitive advantage for Akrometrix is competitive advantage for our customers. Akrometrix will relentlessly leverage, improve and expand what we do best to ensure total satisfaction for our valued customers. In 2007, 95% of the top 20 global semiconductor manufacturing companies relied upon Akrometrix equipment for critical characterization needs. Our value that makes us the vendor of choice is related to:

  • Measurement techniques - reliability and ease of use
  • Speed of measurement and range of size
  • Low cost per test
  • Customer support and industry reputation
  • Forward thinking - next generation solutions ready when the market needs them


Mission, core values, competitive advantage and solid strategic planning - all come together to make Akrometrix a trusted partner to each of our valued customers. 

Company History

Akrometrix is a Georgia-based company founded in 1994 to provide services and equipment to measure and resolve thermo-mechanical surface flatness issues in manufacturing and assembly operations, most notably in the production of electronic circuit substrates and components. Its pioneering technology was based on the research of Dr. I. Charles Ume, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). Akrometrix licensed and commercialized the application of Dr. Ume's technology, which today serves as a crucial component in the production, and continued miniaturization, of advanced electronics products. Akrometrix has become the industry leader in real-time metrology emphasizing resolution of thermo-mechanical issues at all levels of electronic materials production, components fabrication and assembly processes.

Akrometrix initially built its business around contract project-based testing services for large US-based OEM electronics manufacturers. Its services focused on providing methods and processes of measuring flatness and warpage of circuit boards to analyze potential failure and material response to temperature variations experienced during manufacturing. This service was crucial in helping manufacturers to minimize costly production failures and low manufacturing yields that were a result of the circuit board warping from the high levels of temperature variations inherent in the assembly process. Materials used in circuit boards exhibit different thermal properties which, if warped, affect the placement of the solder and components on the circuit board during the automated, high temperature soldering process. In the past, manufacturers were not able to detect improper placement caused by thermal variation of the circuit board until the final inspection of the fully assembled circuit board, which resulted in a costly repairs or the discarding of a completed product. 

With breakthrough developments as a result of internal R&D efforts funded from the project-based testing services, Akrometrix produced its first product offering in the form of the TherMoiré model PS88 in late 1997. Today, Akrometrix offers a range of product lines and modules. Some systems remain based on the shadow moiré technique and IR heating approach originally realized on the PS88 model. The shadow moiré and IR radiation approach remains the most widely used approach for dynamic at temperature surface characterization. Still other systems and modules have evolved that run based on convection heating or other optical measurement techniques that have different strengths and applications than the shadow moiré technique

More than ever, Akrometrix' product and service offerings directly reflect our close interaction and long standing relationships with our valued customer base. A comprehensive strategy that includes modular metrology (Shadow Moiré, Digital Image Correlation, Digital Fringe Projection), expanded thermal environment simulation (-50 C to 300 C), powerful analysis algorithms and data management solutions enables our customers to implement a company wide platform for effective warpage management. Our global presence offers high caliber sales, service and applications support to all of the industry. 

This platform and the new generation of equipment offerings positions all segments of the supply chain to immediately realize benefits in the form of improved first pass yields and product reliability. In addition to being integral to solving today's package and board assembly challenges, Akrometrix' technology and equipment will be leading the charge towards the future as we introduce adaptive processing capabilities that will further enhance the utility and value of our customers' investments.


Link zu Akrometrix: www.akrometrix.com