Virtual Industries

For over twenty years Virtual Industries has been a leading supplier of manual vacuum handling solutions to the worlds high technology firms. Their patented ESD safe products are used by CLASS I clean room personnel, electronic assemblers, semiconductor manufacturers, Universities and scientists around the world. Virtual Industries success has come from developing innovative manual vacuum handling tools and pick-up tips based on customer requests and customer feed back. These tools provide customer specific solutions that make assembly and processing operations more productive and ergonomic.

Founded in 1987, Virtual Industries, Inc. is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The stock of the Company is privately held. They began selling their products outside the United States in 1988, and established international operations in 1989. The company has agents and distributors in more than 60 countries and serves customers in nearly 200 countries. More than a third of Virtual Industries sales come from outside the United States.

Their product line features hand tools that replace tweezers or other gripping means for many applications These tools are portable and eliminate the need for vacuum hoses or power cords. This makes these tools ideally suited for ergonomic manipulation of parts during assembly, inspection, rework and service operations. In addition to the hand tools Virtual Industries offers a broad line of accessories including miniature rubber vacuum cups, PEEK wafer handling tips and precision machined handling tips for critical handling operations.

For customers who do not require portability there is a selection of bench top systems that are powered by line voltage, compressed air, battery, or in-house vacuum sources. These tools use a vacuum pen that is tethered with a small diameter vacuum line. Parts ranging in size from 0.13mm (0.005") up to 300mm can easily be handled.